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We are the proud owners of a compost bin. I try to use it–and to recycle –at least when my husband is around. . .

I find that San Franciscans are quick to jump on the sustainability bandwagon and make you feel like you aren’t doing enough –I feel the dirty looks when I walk into my office with a disposable plastic water bottle or use the printer to *gasp* make copies. The greenest city in the US  is a place where take-out comes in biodegradable potato containers and careers are made on promoting the practices of reuse and re-purposing …this is the land of the Sustainability Consultant, after all.

In this environment, it is easy to end up feeling like others are doing so much when you are doing nothing at all, but although I don’t always fit the expected pro-environment facade of a good San Francisco citizen I  actually do promote sustainability in my own little ways…

A few of my favorites (they all happen to be easy, fun, and frugal):

1. Saving a few cents at the grocery store by bringing my own bags (I love this –they have been doing something similar in Ireland for years, but their version is a little different; you have to pay EXTRA if you’d like a disposable bag). I also won $25.00 in the Trader Joes bring-your-own bag raffle! Why don’t all stores start doing this?!

2. Consignment shops and boutiques abound in San Francisco. I find that purchases here and here are usually more adventurous than something I’d buy at Nordstrom or Macy’s, and (usually) much kinder to my start-up salary budget. I don’t mind spending a little time hunting for a great piece and love feeling like I’m getting a bargain PLUS reusing clothing that may have been thrown away or sitting in someone’s closet.

3. I just love this idea and couldn’t remember if I’ve shared it with my E. coast friends, yet. A ‘clothing swap’ is even better than shopping in a consignment boutique because -HELLO, it is a PARTY! Make a cute evite (the one we used is below) and round up your girlfriends for the most chic way to reuse, re-purpose, and recycle!























I’d love more ideas –what are your favorite ways to ‘go green’ {without going granola} ?

No city invites the heart to come to life as San Francisco does. . .

As our interns are preparing to leave our little city by the bay, I realized that this summer marks 4 years in SF; and also that I’d happily spend another 4! My blog celebration = a re-post from April 2010: