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friday in pictures. inspiration for the week ahead.

life is a balancing act.  and even though I have been blessed with a pretty fantastic life,  for some reason it has always been a little hard for me to keep all aspects of my life in balance.

Spending enough time with my husband, making time for friends… old friends, new friends… being productive at work, pursuing my creative ventures, partying too much, not partying enough, working out, eating healthy, enjoying good food, keeping in touch with family, advancing my professional career, non-profit obligations, etc. And I don’t even have kids to worry about yet!!

I know this is no different from everyone else – we all have a lot going on.

Mike and I spent Saturday night camping in the redwood forests at Big Basin –the oldest campground in California. Camping is one of my favorite (an inexpensive!)  ways to add some balance to life – away from cell phones, blackberry, internet- the fresh air and pretty scenery offers a quick path to true relaxation. . .

. . . until all of the air goes out of your sleeping pad and you are up all night, uncomfortable and staring at the top of the tent for hours and hours. But then, maybe that is why Sunday afternoons were made for napping ;)

I know camping isn’t for everyone, but I think we should all make sure to have some version of getting away from our daily routines, whether it is sitting by a campfire and eating smores like a little kid, or whatever it may be…

I leave you today with Keats:

To one who has been long in city pent,
‘Tis very sweet to look into the fair
And open face of heaven, – to breathe a prayer
Full in the smile of the blue firmament.
~John Keats, Sonnet XIV

took on a couple of new projects. for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend’s sister’s wedding (what a mouthful!). They will be the first projects posted on the citysteps sister site — love and life  my storefront for custom wedding and celebration designs.

ALSO. . .

this morning I made my FIRST SALE (!) on citysteps – and one package of the Potluck Party invitations will be en route to Oregon tomorrow – exciting !!

Great weekend and busy week ahead…

friday in pictures. inspiration for the week ahead.

{ today’s quote and photo courtesy of my big sister, who is forever encouraging and always inspires me to achieve my own goals. She certainly knows a thing or two about taking action; you can follow her story, here. }

I was introduced to Craigslist in 2006. when we were getting ready to (or fixin’ to, as we say in the South) move from my lifetime home of North Carolina, out here to the San Fran.

For 8 months – almost daily- I logged onto to compare and contrast the intricacies of every apartment listing that vaguely met our neighborhood and price criteria. We did end up finding a great apartment, and in one month’s time after moving to the city,  I also found a cheap nightstand that went perfectly with our bedroom suite, a free bbq grill, and my first job in SF –all on craigslist!

There are other parts of the craigslist site that are pretty funny — one is called “missed connections” – and the postings usually go something like this:

Subject line:   Next to Me at Adam Green

You had short hair and a backpack and you were dancing pretty awesome next to me

I wish I said something.

Do you remember what I was wearing?

If so, do you want to walk around a park or something?

Write me Back -Eric

Missed connections posts are usually funny and always a little weird, but it also makes sense – marketing + sales is all about making personal connections – and sometimes you really do only get that ONE CHANCE.

Imagine if they had a missed connections site for post-professional networking events;

Subject line:   Spiky hair at SFBT Healthcare Convention

You were drinking black coffee and told me my nametag was on upside down.

I saw you manage BD for a company we REALLY should have as a client, but instead of talking to you, I chatted with the insurance sales lady sitting beside me the whole time.

I would love another chance to introduce myself and my company.


But that doesn’t exist. So make all of your connections count . . . the first time.