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friday in pictures. inspiration for the week ahead.

my weekend visit back East. with  friends and their new families reminded me of a short talk I heard recently– the speaker told the audience to “do as the babies do”; in other words, to live in the moment and let things go –to move on and let bygones be bygones. I loved this metaphor, and think we could all benefit from doing “as the babies do.” So here they are, my little bundles of inspiration:

Hannah, 2 yrs

Emma Grace, 9 months

and Jackson, 10 months

friday in pictures. inspiration for the week ahead.

{ This week’s entry is about cooking, but I think it applies nicely to life-in-general as well }

yay + yum! our farmers’ market is back in full swing…

 ..and with the new additions this year –most notably, an Italian pasta, cheese, and olive stand—it is better than ever! (you’ll see a theme here — I love all of the handwritten signs)

They’ve also added a booth with live cooking demonstrations (check out what they were making)…

of course there’s the good old dirt cheap vegetable stand …

…and the place I swear has the best strawberries in California …

Since it is just a few blocks from our house, the farmers’ market is a Saturday morning staple for us, but this weekend Mike will be with his family in Santa Barbara, and I’ll be trading in my fruit and veg for some Bojangles chicken biscuits during my visit to  NC.

You know what they say — you can take the girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl!!

friday in pictures. inspiration for the week ahead.

crazy to think.  three years ago, I had never tasted any Thai, Burmese, authentic Mexican or Indian food — especially since now all of those rank high on my list of favorite things to eat. And after lunch last week at La Mar Cebicheria at Pier 1.5,  Peruvian is also now at the top of my types of ‘food-to-indulge-in-regularly’ list.

 The restaurant was colorful, open, and absolutely tropical.

Even though I don’t eat much seafood, I had to note the impressive display on the bar.


Lunch started off on the right foot with yummy cocktails (mine had basil and a Peruvian rum) and a basket of house made potato, yam, and plantain chips, served with three equally delicious dipping sauces. Our sampling of chicken and steak dishes, including anticuchos, traditional Peruvian skewers, all had loads of flavor and just enough kick.

Since I was with a coworker, I tried to restrain from taking pictures of my food– so dessert was the only course properly documented, below.

House made fruit sorbets, orange glazed chocolate beignets, and a cappuccino for me:

I will be back for more Peruvian goodness–sooner than later!!

friday in pictures. inspiration for the week ahead.

everyone likes to get an award. especially a major award. In A Christmas Story, the Old Man won a Leg Lamp. Wednesday, I won a “Best Speaker” ribbon at Toastmasters. In liu of displaying it in our front window, I thought posting it on my blog might be more appropriate. I have nine more speeches to go before I am deamed a ‘competent communicator’, but right now I have my major award and this week, that’s all that matters…

our friends. jimmy + sarah are the best company – i just love them! They came into the city with their friend Tobias for brunch on Sunday and the plan was to go out, but we ultimately decided to avoid the Easter crowds (and rain) in favor of cooking at home.

We tried three new recipes — roasted pear + arugula salad, an asparagus frittata, and pecan-glazed french toast casserole –everything was delicious. While the casserole is one of those foods that should be enjoyed for all of its buttery goodness, I’m going to try to make less-sinful versions of the salad (cut back on the dressing) and frittata (egg white only, add more herbs) for us to have on a more regular basis. I love finding new recipies that are yummy enough to make again.

This year was also the first in many that I made “Bunny Bread” –a tradition  from when my sisters and I were little. I think we just used to do the glazing and decoracorating part, because I didn’t remember any of the bread making process… it is so time consuming.

tah da! yum.

handwritten notes. are still widely considered to be the best follow-up tool for business marketing by all of the top marketing blogs. I’ve sent tons and received quite a few myself, and do believe notes are an effective way to reach out on a more personal level –but it’s still business and ultimately it all comes down to making the sale.

My favorite handwritten notes to get are from my family. My Nana B sends them all the time. I also get some from my mom, usually accompanied by an article from our hometown newspaper –and occasionally I’ll get a note from my dad. But I’ve never gotten one from my little sister.

Until yesterday.

And it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

I could feel every ounce of tension and frustration I had let build up throughout the day, lifted off as I bellylaughed at her sweet and candid sentences (ie- “by FAR the BEST Spring Break I’ve ever had…well, I guess that was the first Spring Break I’ve ever had..”). The note was thanking Mike and I for her stay in the city a few weeks ago, but it had such an incredible affect on lightening my mood, I feel I owe her a thank you note, now.

The power of the written word, where I would least expect it.