ironically enough. mike and I kicked off the start of Spring last weekend indoors, at a Vegas casino–where it is almost impossible to notice the passage of the hours, much less the season!

Spring is definitely here in San Francisco. Ok,  I’m pretending we actually have seasons in the city (honestly, this picture was taken in January) but after the past two extraordinarily rainy months I’m engaging in some positive thinking and predicting plenty of those perfect, not-too-chilly SF evenings in the upcoming months.

So in celebration of SPRING, and because I feel like we always make the most of the weekends but sometimes get caught up in our work week schedules and don’t leave enough time for mid-week relaxation, I’m planning some low-key outdoor evenings for us during the month of April — I’m determined to not let the weeks slip by as crazily and as quickly they did in March.

Plus, now that we are almost finished with The Wire we should be able to PUT DOWN THE NETFLIX and make it off the couch a little more…

The ideas for our weekly Outdoor-Schoolnight-Festivities so far:

  • Evening Giant’s game
  • Picnic at Chrissy Field (or the park by our house)
  • Alfresco drinks + dinner at a favorite restaurant
  • Hitting golf balls at the Presidio driving range

Just so we don’t cheat, I’ve come up with some ground rules – we have to do the activities on weeknights (Fridays don’t count), do at least one fun outdoor night a week, we can invite other people, must include some events that don’t cost more $$ than we would usually spend on a weeknight (i.e.- picnic in the park), and finally; each event has to get us out of the house and into the sun (even if it is setting) for at least a couple of hours.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions! So excited!! As always, I’ll document and post …