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friday in pictures. inspiration  for the next week ahead.

night shots. Most of the time I don’t have my good camera with me when we go out at night, but occasionally we’ll go for a night walk and i’ll bring it along. These pictures are a good illustration of how quiet and calm the city can be after dark – I love these particular pictures because looking at them reminds me that I don’t necessarily need to get out of the city to relax, I just need to slow down and enjoy everything that is already here around me…

pulled pork sandwiches. made the perfect post-run picnic lunch while we watched rugby in the park on Saturday afternoon. We finally found a legit Southern BBQ place in the city, and even though it isn’t very close to our house, we’ve since been back THREE times in the past two weeks – it is that good! (although the reviews on yelp are mixed at best.)

I knew I would get bored at the rugby match, so I brought my camera to get some action shots of M’s friends who still play.  I wasn’t super happy with the coloring of the photos I took, so I plopped them in photoshop today to see what I could do with them. I desaturated them and I think the effect works ok — removing the color lets you focus on the guys’ expressions and movement which is kind of cool… I put a couple at the end of this post —

 After the game we went back to the house to watch the final 2 episodes of The Wire Season 3 (our Netflix addiction du jour) then went out for drinks in North Beach, and ended the night at the Red Devil Lounge where Wonderbread 5  was playing.  Sunday we got BBQ again (ha!) and killed time until the Bob Schneider show with our friends from Santa Rosa– I’m new to his music, but it is fun, witty, and super easy to listen to – I would say it is very undemanding of the audience; even if you don’t know a lot of his songs, you’ll still get it and have a good time.

Busy week ahead  — and the upcoming weekend will be the last one I have to get my Etsy stores in line for the  March 1 opening. I was planning on opening both storefronts — ‘citysteps’ and ‘love + life’ at the same time, but it looks like ‘love + life’ (email – ready save the dates and invitations) might have to be a separate project… no worries, though – all in good time!

Kevin, kicking for points, and Jimmy O, running to score a try —

my marathon bib number. i could go another year without reaching my goal of running a marathon, but that would be especially lame this year since I just invested a whole Benjamin (give me a break, it’s Friday) on race registration fees for the July 25th San Francisco Marathon! I hear the San Diego one is “better,” but this way I get to run the race where I’ve trained, and don’t have to worry about flights/hotels/restaurants/etc –  I’ll just roll out of bed super early on race morning and walk down to the start area. Plus, I’m not sure I’m going to really be so discriminating about how ‘good’ the marathon is when I’m huffing it through mile 23 – I just want to finish with a decent time. I did notice when I was signing up that my body doesn’t exactly look like the pictures of runners on their website – haha, I certainly have my work cut out for me – exhibit A:

I also have to admit I did the totally amateur move of ordering the “In- Training” running shirt – but it is mostly because I really like the race logo for this year – the simplicity is cool, and  I love image of the GG bridge in the oldschool-Reebok-looking shoe silhouette.

now. . .the real work begins!!

it’s a tough life! we spent the first part of our long weekend in Napa with our friends Polly + Mike, who are getting married there this summer. Their wedding reception is going to be held at Polly’s parent’s house, which could easily be mistaken for a french country estate, complete with their own little vineyard – it is beautiful! This couple is so fun and their wedding is going to be a blast – plus, all of the decor and food is going to be top-notch and absolutely stunning, which is going to make my job helping to design the day-of collateral (programs, table numbers, escort cards, seating cards, and menus, etc.) a breeze!  The theme is vintage elegant + organic; think lots of greenery, branches, birch votives, and small pops of color here and there.

Since most of my design work thus far has been for family, friends, or friends of friends, I’m always working with people I like, which makes the whole design process that much more fun. Plus, Polly is a professionally trained chef who loves to cook, so that means time spent at her place working on wedding designs equals more delicious food for me!!

A few photos from our weekend —

vineyards outside of the house. napa is beautiful in any season, even in the winter months. here, you can see the mustard flowering between the rows of vines; the vinters plant the mustard to help increase organic matter, reduce compaction + excessively vigorous vines, preventsdust and mite problems, and to provide a habitat for organisms that are beneficial to the vines

me! being silly outside of the winery

the husband + wife to-be. polly takes a picture of mike on the walk back from the winery

and finally. one of our delicious homemade pizzas  – i caramelized the onions, which i learned you can do without adding any extra sugar – it is called ‘patience’, something i could use more of in the kitchen!

we spent the remainder of the long weekend in the city. it was a low-key valentine’s which was just fine with me – i was able to catch up with some family + friends i haven’t talked to in a while, and mike made us a great spaghetti meatball dinner – we purposely opted to stay out of the valentine’s night restaurant craziness, and i think it was a good choice. 

springtime is definitely upon us in the city, you can already feel the change starting to happen… i love it – should be another great week!

friday in pictures. inspiration  for the next week ahead.

etsy update. yesterday, a package arrived from the printer with my new designs and I am really happy with how everything is coming together. I’m in great shape for the March 1 launch date, and planning on posting the first of a series of “in-progress” pictures later this week. Mike is going to help me shoot them, and I’m hoping he’ll get good at it and agree to be the product photographer – he is actually better with the camera than I am already!

We had a fabulous time in Santa Rosa, and it was especially hard Monday to get back to work + working out.  School nights are definitely not as fun as weekends! Tonight  I have my first impromptu speaking at Toastmasters (terrifying!), and then the Carolina-Dook game. With the way the Heels are playing this year, I’m not sure which one I’m dreading more?! Hurry up Friday!! Pictures soon…

daily routine. every morning after a city run, I walk down to the corner store to get coffee, relax with my husband for a few minutes over a fresh breakfast, and then begin the day’s work designing, filling orders, talking to customers, and occasionally bounce new product ideas off of Mike, who sits one desk over.

Right, so not quite my reality – yet — at least not during the week. . . and plus, I’m not sure how Mike would feel about all of that, either!

Instead, it’s up at 5:30, off to a funky-smelling gym, and into the office by 8, where I’ll stay without much of a break for the remainder of the daylight hours. Our office has an open floorplan, which I generally like – until the engineering chat just becomes too much to take. Enter, “earmuffs,” and the upside to my current working situation: In search of diversions to drown out the chatter, I’ve discovered tons of fabulous music I otherwise wouldn’t have heard. Since I’m now listening to music 6+ hours a day and in need of variety, I’ve branched out quite a bit in regards to my musical preferences, and thanks to some generous coworkers, my itunes library continues to grow exponentially (and economically) .

 Tonight we are driving up to Santa Rosa to see Pat’s band, then tomorrow hopefully some vino + maybe some beebies! Sunday we are back in the city for superbowl festivities. It doesn’t sound like I’m going to be able to get much accomplished this weekend, but it should be fun!

writing. I’ve been doing so much of it lately in preparation for the launch of my Etsy stores (more info soon) –and I love it!  I actually feel smarter when I’m writing a lot – just like with reading.  Either way, I can’t seem to get enough!